Selected Bios

Joseph A. Wiggins, Jr.

J. Saunders Wiggins

David J. Kupstas
Chief Actuary

Joné Liuzza
Director of TPA Services

Bobby Moyer
Director of Research Senior Portfolio Manager

Gregory Doepke
Senior Consultant – Independent Advisor Representative

Phyllis Sloan
Client Services Coordinator

Jimmy Pickert, CRPS®
Portfolio Manager

Rusty Stadler, CFP®
Client Relationship Manager

Susan Reeves
Client Services Manager

Julie Burman
Client Service Coordinator

Julie Grove
Client Service Coordinator

Kevin Minor, QKA
Client Service Manager

Leslie Latham
Client Service Manager

Melba Getty
Retirement Plan Document Specialist

Meredith Barret
Client Service Coordinator

Barbara Arthur
Client Service Coordinator

Jaimee Bernard
Investment Advisory Associate

Renee Lessington
Front Desk Coordinator